Navigating Through Your FIAT 500 Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)

Knowledge is power and the available FIAT Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) keeps you conveniently in touch with your vehicle’s information at a glance. This digital display presents speed, rpm, fuel level, engine coolant temperature and much more, as well as time, date, ambient temperature and mileage.

Fiat 500 EVIC

The FIAT Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) features a driver-interactive display that is located in the instrument cluster. Your EVIC display will keep you in touch with your FIAT 500 or 500c's performance, with information including:

  • Fiat 500 Electronic Vehicle Information CenterTemperature Indicator
  • Message Display
  • Fuel Level Gauge
  • Coolant Temperature Gauge
  • Clock
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Odometer
  • Ice Warning Indicator
  • Sport Mode (Manual Transmission)
  • Gear Shift Indicator (Manual Transmission)
  • Autostick Gear Indicator (Automatic Transmission)
  • Auto/Sport/ECO Indicator (Automatic Transmission)

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To navigate through your FIAT Electronic Vehicle Information Center is a cinch. By simply following these basic instructions, you can access the different options and functions of your EVIC.

  1. Press the MENU ESC button briefly to access the menu and/or go to next screen or to confirm the required menu option. Press and hold the MENU ESC button (approximately one second) to return to the main screen.
  2. Press the + button to scroll upward through the displayed menu and the related options or to increase the displayed value.
  3. Press the – button to scroll downward through the displayed menu and the related options or to decrease the value displayed.

Your menu is comprised of a series of functions arranged in a cycle, these functions include:

Speed Beep • Trip B Data • Set Time • Set Date • See Radio • Speed Display • Autoclose • Units • Language • Buzzer Volume • Button Volume • Daylights (D.R.L.) • Hill Start • Exit Menu

The FIAT 500 and FIAT 500c instrument cluster contains all the vital information needed directly in front of the driver, not scattered throughout the dashboard. The stylized instrument cluster is a favorite feature of FIAT owners - see for yourself why. Visit our Ramsey FIAT dealership and check out the FIAT Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) on our FIAT vehicles. See first hand how convenient and easy to navigate the FIAT EVIC system is. Our dealership is located on Rte. 17 in Upper Saddle River.

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