Playing Media Using the FIAT 500 Blue and Me Technology

The FIAT 500 Blue and Me Technology makes playing media from your USB, iPod® or iPhone® a cinch. Once your digital media player is connected to your FIAT 500, you will enjoy hours of music from your favorite artist. Blue & Me makes road trips and commuting fun when you can sing along with your favorite songs.

FIAT 500 Blue and Me Technology

USB devices supported by Blue and Me include USB memory stick, MP3 players, iPods® and iPhones®. Connecting your listening devise can be done in two ways, using the the USB port located in the glovebox.

  • Connect the USB Devise Directly
  • Use An Extension Lead

Once your device is connected to the USB port, turn your vehicle to the "ON" position. Once your vehicle is on, the FIAT 500 Blue and Me will automatically begin to play your digital track from the library it builds when you connect your devise if you have chosen "Autoplay On" from the media player USB settings.

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Once your library has been built, Blue & Me will allow you to choose which track you play from your playlist, using three categories. Choose your favorite track from by Albums, Artists, or Playlists manually using your steering wheel-mounted controls. This quick search method allows you to search for your favorite hit while safely keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

Blue and Me technology also allows you to search your playlist using Voice Commands by simply pushing the Voice Recognition button, and saying "Media Player". Using Bluetooth technology, you can say "Artists", "Genres", "Albums", "Playlists" or "Folders". Once you've selected your favorite track, press "OK" and your music will begin.

FIAT 500 Blue and Me makes it easy for your to connect to your mobile media player and choose your favorite track. Whether your a fan of country music, rock n' roll or jazz, the Blue&Me is music to your ears. Ramsey FIAT has a large selection of FIAT 500 vehicles in stock at our dealership serving Newark, New Jersey. Take the first step to getting behind the wheel of your FIAT mobile music machine, and test drive a FIAT 500 today.

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